Where and When …

King Noggin

The Sagas of Noggin the Nog Log …

Dates, times and places …

… well, to be honest, there aren’t any dates, times or … you get the idea.

Noggin is having a well earned rest. I believe he is in a much sunnier clime than the Ice Dragon’s realm. On a beach probably. I expect he’s swapped his Viking helmet and cross gartered trews for a floppy sun hat and a pair of Viking speedos! I would imagine he is recouping his strength for another foray into the theatres, arts centres and village halls of the UK. Not sure when his strength will be recouped … but do pop back here from time to time to see where he might resurface … hopefully properly attired!

In the meantime …

… take a peek at Noggin on Vimeo from the early days!

2016 and beyond … watch this space!





4 comments on “Where and When …

  1. Peter Bagley says:

    Hi, came across your web site and was delighted to see that one of my childhood memories had come to life again. Are you proposing any further dates for touring and are there any venues in the West Midlands/Warwickshire area? Alternatively, are you publishing the finished play and who would hold the copyright, assuming it is being released for performance.
    Many thanks for any information you may be able to provide.
    Peter Bagley
    Criterion Theatre, Coventry

    • clive498 says:

      Hi Peter, I am so sorry, I must have missed your message. We are performing The Sagas of Noggin the Nog in Edinburgh this year (31July-25 August) at assembly, George Square and are hoping that this will kickstart another tour next spring (2015). I would hope that we would get to the West Midlands. After that we will see but I suspect that we will tour again. Thank you so much for your interest and once again, apologies for tardiness on my part.
      Clive Holland

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