Post Edinburgh Debrief … number 1.

We’ve been debriefing …

Debriefing 1

… following our truly successful and incredibly tiring trip to the Edinburgh Festival we, the intrepid band of Nogs, have been debriefing to discover what we did, what we failed to do, whether we achieved what we wanted to achieve and, most importantly, where we go next!

For all those of you who helped us financially on our Kickstarter campaign, all those who came to see the show, those who sent messages of support, those who helped in various other ways, we have decided … we have enough possible/probable and improbable venues who want to book the show, that we’re touring next year! Huzzah! So thank you all!

Dragon in Van

Groliffe, the charming and slightly scary Ice Dragon will once again have to be coaxed into the van, as will the aged (well, three aged and one still young enough to be moist from the womb) performers, who, with aching limbs, loose skin and morals to match will moan and grumble about the price of service station coffee, the price of diesel, the price of … well, just about everything but … into the van they will get.

There is, of course, a huge amount of work to do before then. Putting together a tour is not an easy thing; for a start, everyone seems to want the same dates, and those who don’t, want dates next to another venue that is the other end of the country. We have to try and avoid the alphabetical tour: Monday Aberdeen, Tuesday Brighton, Wednesday Carlisle, Thursday Devizes … you get the picture. And then there are some venues that really, really, really want us but because they have a small seating capacity, they can’t afford us. We also have to make sure that the prime times, which with a family show, seem to be half term and weekends … that we are in the bigger venues where more people can get to see it; apart from anything else it makes financial sense for us.

Lighthouse Stage 1

Places like the Lighthouse Theatre, Poole, for instance has hundreds of seats, and when we were there last year, we filled quite a lot of them; this meant a good income for the theatre and for us too. It is so ridiculously expensive to tour these days. I don’t want to bore you but … five people on the road equals five wages, five sets of per deums, five hotel rooms … and then there’s the aforementioned diesel, the print runs of posters, flyers, programmes, and the insurance, the photographer, the venue booker, the PR, the … the … the … it goes on and on. So, in order to put together a tour, we have to be clever (not normally our strong suit), we have to be able to drive a hard bargain (again, we’re too nice), we have to be able to turn bookings down (really, really not easy when you’ve spent your whole life trying to get the ruddy things), we have to be grown-up and businesslike …

ThorNogson and Noggin

ThorNogson and Noggin

… do they appear to be grown-up businesslike to you?

Well, actually we are … though we do have a tendency to fall back to our default setting which is … “you can’t afford it? Never mind … we’ll see what we can do …” which usually ends up that we take a bit of a financial hit but the show is so important to us, that we want everyone who wants to see it, see it! And money is only money!


For those of you who are artists; this is what money looks like.

So, watch this space over the coming months and we’ll keep you up to date with how the preliminary work (sounds exciting, doesn’t it) is coming along and as soon as we have definite dates and venues all booked in we’ll put that up too!





Edinburgh Diary Number 5 and a half!

Scotsman Review

The Scotsman ★★★★

Sorry but we got a lovely half a page in the Scotsman … a really nice review which I will send the link to when it goes online but I thought it was worth mentioning it as soon as possible for people here in Edinburgh who have children and are wondering what to do with them this weekend … wonder no more!

Assembly, George Square Gardens at 12.50 … be there or be Un-Nogged!

Edinburgh Diary … number 5

★★★★★ Three Weeks

★★★★ The Independent

★★★★ The Stage

★★★★ The List

★★★★ Broadway Baby

Nogbad Spies

Nogbad the Bad searches for more 5★ reviews.

Below are links to various reviews:

Can’t find a link to the independent review … so here’s a photo of it …

Independent Review

Alright, trumpet blowing complete.

What have we been up to since last we met?

Well, we have all, of course, been battling against the Edinburgh summer … and at times losing. I got trench foot from wearing damp socks, and snuffles and sniffles have been appearing due to the ridiculous summer clothing we brought into the arctic bluster of Edinburgh in August. Despite all that we have had a lovely time. We have seen theatre good and appalling, comedy funny and otherwise, dance of beauty and downright poor and we have all so far got a favourite. I’m not telling yet, it isn’t really fair!

I’ve had a few disappointments … waiting at Summerhall twenty five minutes for a ticket only to be told that that particular show is sold out … surely not difficult to write on a blackboard which shows are sold out so as not to force people to wait twenty-five minutes for a show that is sold out! I’ve listened to some great music; much of it free in the streets and there is, of course, a fabulous atmosphere in the city. I have seen unicyclists, jugglers, nurses, mimes, clowns, zombies, tarts and vicars, aliens and voca people … and that is whilst just popping for a coffee. I’ve walked a few hundred yards and been given a few hundred flyers … I’m always nice, I always take a flyer and usually have a chat with the flyerers … it is a fairly dispiriting task when no-one takes a flyer and so many people are just downright rude. The funniest ones though are the ones that pretend you are not there … they walk up to you, they can’t not have seen you and then just ignore you totally when you try to engage with them … they make I laugh!

I went to the circus last night … the NoFitState circus … unbelievable … incredible … do go and see it, it is a masterpiece of energy, skill, inventiveness and sheer brilliance in its design and conception … well worth a few of your coins of the realm! It is mesmerising!

Snogging the Snog: Noggin and Nooka of the Nooks.

Snogging the Snog: Noggin and Nooka of the Nooks.

The Sagas of Noggin the Nog is going from strength to strength … we have a great routine in setting up … we can do it in about twelve minutes … set/costumes/projectors/puppets, the lot. Not bad really and the getting out is even quicker!

For those people who have seen the show and are looking to book it into their venue or for their event … the play here in Edinburgh is slightly truncated … we had to fit it into an hour slot. The full length show is about 70 to 75 minutes and we play it with an interval of 15 to 20 minutes, so it is a full length play for families. 90 minutes in all.

I have read a lot of tosh about how Edinburgh is ruining touring theatre … of course it isn’t sillies! Every professional theatre company that tours regularly understands how theatre works … we know what venues want and we know what audiences want. To suggest that theatre companies aren’t clever enough to make a piece of theatre that plays at the Edinburgh Fringe and can then play to arts centres, theatres and other venues around the country, is very demeaning to those professional companies that have made their livings from touring … we know how it works … that is what we do, so please don’t be so condescending and superior to professional touring theatre. The very idea that Edinburgh is forcing companies to create shows that can only be performed at Edinburgh is quite, quite pathetic and could only have been suggested by someone who (excuse me for this) has their head up their own arses!

Anyway, mild rant over … we have a few more days left here in “sunny” Edinburgh, so don’t wait too long to book your ticket. See you in George Square Gardens at 12.50 every day!

Edinburgh Diary Number … 4

Nogs in the Rain 1

There is a bit of a theme here as you can see … the theme is moisture … quite cold moisture coming from the sky! And quite a lot of it!

Yesterday (Sunday 10th August) there was a huge amount of it; it seeped down necks, into shoes and up careless sleeves. Just as we were about to do our get-in for todays show, which we have to do in about fifteen minutes, the heavens opened, the sky cracked and the thunder thundered. Loudly! We splashed through water with barrels and boxes, puppets and props. We paddled across the stage and slipped and skidded like swans on an ice covered lake as we tried to lift the main part of our set. There was a waterfall coming through the centre of the roof … just where we put one of our two projectors. A message was sent and received and within two minutes two of the Assembly team turned up with a ladder (we had the same problem a few days ago which I think I’ mentioned in the Edinburgh Diary a while ago). One of the team shinned up a ridiculously tall ladder and armed with bits of material and gaffer tape, staunched the flow. The space was mopped, the projectors set and turned on and in came the audience.

It is a funny thing when there is a bit of a panic: a Dunkirk spirit seems to enter all involved. The first two minutes of the performance were quite difficult because of the unbelievable noise coming from the roof of the tent. The tent has wooden sides, a wooden floor and a canvas roof with a little dome on the top which acts as a vent to let hot air escape … it also, apparently, lets in wind blown water. The canvas roof performs a little like a drum … with us and the audience sitting inside it. So the first few minutes of the play sounded as though three hundred Ginger Bakers were belting away at a snare-drum. We talked very loudly and added a few little jokes in about the noise, water, etc. The audience, which was a remarkably large audience for such a miserable day, hunkered down in their seats and decided to go with us and enjoy whatever happened next.

Nogbad Spies

Nogbad the Bad looks for where the next wave of rain will come from!

Monday … we had a day off. The first for a few weeks. I had intended to do all sorts of things … I did nothing but read a book, watch a black and white film or two, doze and eat. I was a tired bunny and the weather wasn’t that conducive to going out and having fun. It was the first time in weeks that I’ve managed to have a really lazy day. I did, after a couple of small glasses of beer at The Caley Sample Room, start to think about theatre, other projects, re-inventing one’s self, searching for new audiences, finding new ways of doing things, and on and on … this is, I think, one of the exciting things about coming to the Edinburgh Fringe. There are so many people up here doing great things that it makes you want to create new work, and little conversations here and odd visual stimuli there begin to get your creative juices flowing and, more importantly, make you question your own methods and ways of working. All kinds of new thoughts came rushing in … these are still going round and round my head today.

Tuesday 12th August … funnily it rained again today … and the wind blew but still we had a lovely and quite big audience, which for a wet Tuesday was very pleasing. Tony and I then went to a discussion about touring theatre for young people internationally at the Summerhall venue. It was interesting though I’m not sure I learned a great deal that was new … but it was great to meet other practitioners and talk about each others work over a glass or two. So thank you to all at Imaginate and the others on the discussion panel.

Tomorrow is another day … and another wet day I suspect, though it has been promised that the rain will be warmer tomorrow!





Edinburgh Diary Number 3

Umbrella 1

I think this sort of sums up this week so far.

It has been a typically glorious few days here in Edinburgh. The sun has shone. The rain has rained. The wind has blown. Four seasons in one day. And much fun has been had by the Noggin the Nog team. I have seen a number of great pieces of theatre and I’ve seen a couple of dogs … but bizarrely the dogs received 5* … I swear I don’t understand the star system. In my mind, 5* should be reserved for the very best; something that is well-crafted, brilliantly performed, cleverly written, etc … the two dogs were none of these things … ho hum! I don’t want to appear grumpy because I am actually having a fab time … though it is hard work.

Jolly man carries Flyers

Look … here is a jolly man delivering Noggin the Nog flyers. We have thousands of them and have been out most days (dodging into cafes when the rain rains) handing fliers to jolly people, people who remain cool even though they really want a flyer, people who are down-right rude and some who pretend you are not there … they are the funniest! We have flyered in the morning in the George Square gardens … we have flyered in the afternoon … along the Royal Mile, around the other venues, we have exit-flyered … flyering people as they come out of a show that has a similar demographic to us and … flyered in the evening … in the streets, in the gardens, at the venues and in my lady’s chamber (actually we haven’t done the last one).

Royal Rainy Mile 2

This was the scene this afternoon on the Royal Mile … lots of people being jolly in the rain!

Yesterday we had a lovely performance with a really great audience (and, thankfully, quite a lot of them) including Alix and Mal and Frances and Herbie … friends of mine who are brilliant at supporting everyone … so thank you so much you four.

Today’s show, Black Wednesday, was much quieter, though a really lovely audience … I enjoyed the show very much, which is a part of the point of doing what I do.

So, I hear you say, of the shows that you have seen so far … what is the high point?

Well, I answer, for me, “Title and Deed” by Will Eno has been the high-point. A beautiful, intelligent, beguiling one man performance … just a man talking to us … mesmerising. It was, I suppose, philosophical and thought-provoking and witty and … if you get the chance to see him … do! I sat next to Lynne Gardener from the Guardian and in front of Mark Lawson … I mentioned Noggin quite a few times but I’m not sure the bait was taken.

Anyway, tonight we are going to a meet the Assembly team … we’ve met most of them but this is a bit less formal and a bit more … well … we might have a drink together. So, I had better go and put my slap on and brush my flowing locks.

Come back soon!

Edinburgh Diary Number 2

Queen G and Ignora

I thought I’d start with a picture of Queen Grunhilde the Lazy One and her trusty maid, Ignora, for no other reason than I quite like it … as indeed do lots of Edinburgh people now. We had a lovely performance today (Monday 4th August) with almost a full-house. The flyering is paying off perhaps. But … I’m rushing into things … I haven’t told you about Saturday yet … the trouble is there is so much happening up here, so many things going on all around us … I can’t remember a thing about Saturday. Oh, I went to see a show at Assembly Roxy … but I didn’t enjoy it so I won’t mention which one it was. It also rained on Saturday … and Sunday … and, indeed, today … but at least today the rain is quite warm … though it was lashed into our faces by a fairly strong wind. The sun has come out now and George Square Gardens are delightful in the sun.


This is actually a photo of the gardens and the bar in slightly less than clement weather but imagine it with the sun shining and you’ll see what I mean. There are loads of people around enjoying the buzz. Unfortunately I am hobbling around with a slightly gammy ankle … just the general wear and tear of age sadly. So I’ve wandered into the Assembly Cafe, put my foot up and looking helpless towards people who I hope will wander over and see if I want a cup of tea … I won’t hold my breath.

Sunday Night I went to see Gavin Robertson doing his “Bond” show … which I can thoroughly recommend; clever, witty, technically brilliant and … a charming evening was had by all … do go and see it if you get the chance.

During the day yesterday I spent hours walking around Edinburgh handing out flyers … hundreds of them … and dodging the rain. Lorks a mussy it rained … spent lots of time under awnings with rain dripping down my neck and then leaping out in front of unsuspecting families and shoving a bit of papier-mâché into their hands. All were charming … except for the ones who weren’t! I bumped into Stewart Lee (Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle) with his family and tried to give him a flier (before I realised it was him) and he said “Oh, we saw that on Thursday, we really enjoyed it” … I chatted to the children who both decided that their favourite bit was the Dragon … so …

Batty Dragon Picture 1

… here he is … for those of you who haven’t seen the show yet … what are you waiting for.

I am now going to hobble over to the counter and buy myself a coffee as no-one else has offered.

Look out for Edinburgh Diary Number 3 … later in the week.

Edinburgh Diary Number 1

Well, here we are then … we arrived in Edinburgh on Sunday (July 27th) and found our digs. They are not quite as salubrious as they looked in the photos but hey – ho!

Edinburgh digs

This is my room … well, half a room to be honest, I can’t get into one half of it without crawling! I’m quite good at crawling but even so. Anyway enough moaning! We wandered down to George Square Gardens to meet up with the Assembly crew … who are all lovely, helpful and unbelievably professional! Exactly what we expected but it is still quite nice when they are as good as you thought they were going to be. We had a look at the space, we met the admin team … well, some of them, who again are all fab and professional. We then went for food and a beer … there might be a lot of this in the Edinburgh Diary!

Tech day.

We didn’t tech till 7 pm so the first part of the day consisted of “moving the van” (there will also be a lot of this in the diary too; parking where we “live” is rubbish), sending hundreds of e mails, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Then running to the newsagents to buy the Guardian as we knew we had an article in there. I don’t know if you’ve seen it but it is an amazing article … double page spread in G2 and a line above the masthead on the front page … Noggin Rides Again! Woohoo!

Here is the link to our article in the G2 Monday July 28th

Then, of course, we had our Kickstarter campaign to work on … gosh what busy boys we were. I sat at the computer until I could sit at the computer no more! And … many of you probably already know … we reached our target … Tony and my self had found a public house to have food and a beer (so soon, so soon) and as we chatted I had one eye on Kickstarter and was constantly e mailing, Twittering, Facebooking, etc … then … at about 10.30 pm … we made it … we made it. Some wonderful and generous people helped to raise £4,000 to make this Edinburgh Adventure work without us being sent to the workhouse!


This is a picture of the workhouse that we are not being sent to! Phew! And thank you to all of you theatre angels!

Tuesday was a day of repairs and flyering and  sorting out problems and banging my head on the skylight in my half a room … “Crikey,” I said, “that was rather painful!” … or something like that. Nick arrived from his sojourn in Kansas … doing his one man show at a festival and we talked him through the space, the problems and he, being jet-lagged, sort of ignored us … which I thought was fair enough! I also had a bit of me-time … I went for a walk … the castle, the royal mile, the National Gallery,  and then home to eat at home … no Public House, I hear you shout … indeed … no public house … we ate at home!

Thursday … the first preview. Arrived at George Square in the rain, flyered everyone who was daft enough to be out in it and got ourselves ready to do the mad dash. We basically have about 15 minutes to get the whole show up and running; that is everything … the set up, the props set, costumes on, projectors plugged in and set up and actors ready to start! We did it with almost 7 seconds to spare! We had a lovely audience … almost half full, which was great for the first preview! The show went really well though there were a couple of technical problems … like not being able to find a puppet amongst all the bits of props and set that we had piled round the back during the show … it was fine, Ronf just came on a few seconds late. So, all in all a very successful first go.

Friday (today) … we had slightly more time to set up and tech a few of the little problems that occurred during the first show. The audience arrived and were really nice; about the same size as yesterdays … in number not stature … and there were no major problems, although Groliffe the ice dragon had a mouth moment. Tony has been to the dragon stores and bought more dragon glue and he is, as I sit and write this behind the theatre whilst one show comes down and another sets up, repairing poor old Groliffe.

Bosco Theatre George Square

Yes, it is a tent … well, sort of; it is an old Dutch tent from early twentieth century that was designed, made and toured in by a Dutch Circus family. It has a wooden floor, with raked seating, wooden walls, a canvas roof and more technology stuffed into it than you could shake a stick at (hanging from the ceilings, the walls and piled in corners everywhere). Behind the tent … I’ll put some photos up another time … there are a series of sheds, quite big sheds, that are dressing rooms (2), a tech shed (which seems to have lots of black things piled up with flashing lights on them and about a million cables that snake around all over the place), a biggish shed for all of the companies to store their electrical equipment and other stuff that wouldn’t work as well if it got wet or had been stolen (Groliffe lives in there). And there is a green room … er … green “space” that is sort of covered with canvas, tarpaulins and Fosters Lager umbrellas! Perfect.

I am now going to go flying again … we have to get as many bums on seats as we can … so, here I go. See you later!


It is Bob-A-Nog Week!


Bob a Job Week!

Ah, do you remember this. Scouts, Guides, Cubs and the like knocking on your door and asking if you had any jobs that you would be willing to let a ham-fisted youth do for a bob (1 Shilling or 5p in todays money). I was a fairly unenthusiastic bobber-jobber but I cleaned cars, washed windows, dug gardens, mowed lawns and all for a bob for charity! It was enjoyable in a sort of “do I have to this” kind of way.

Well, The Sagas of Noggin the Nog, is off to the Edinburgh Festival. We are trying to raise money to enable Noggin to perform in front of new audiences, venue bookers, producers, theatre professionals and so on, at the biggest festival for performance in the world, as a means to achieve more with this “entrancing” family show next year; we want Noggin to be seen by many more people. So … and this is where our campaign differs from Bob a Job week … we are having a Bob-A-Nog week … where we ask you for money and in return (instead of us coming round and cleaning your lawn or mowing your car) we give you a warm feeling inside … and (oh, yes, there’s more) there are certain rewards that can be claimed … all you have to do is click on the link below which will take you through the ether to a new place. This new place is called Kickstarter … its a bit like Narnia only much more commercial and yet strangely heart warming … in this land of Kickstarter there is a campaign … and in this campaign there is a place where you can pledge anything from £1 to … the sky is always the limit in Kickstarter Land … for The Sagas of Noggin the Nog and … you can see what wonderful rewards there are.

Bob-A-Nog Week

If you have clicked on the link, then you probably won’t be reading this paragraph because you will be in Kickstarter Land. If you haven’t clicked and you’re thinking should I do it, then the answer is yes … if you are STILL reading then you still haven’t clicked on it … you’re with me for the long haul. And it is a long haul!

Saga Original

Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin created Noggin the Nog back in 1959. I remember sitting and watching it on British television when I was nought but a mewling and milk puking sprog … it was in Black and White and was somewhat eerie … the music, the visuals and Oliver Postgate’s clipped accent making it feel somewhat other-worldly. Looking at it now it still has that strange, eccentric Englishness about it that intrigues and welcomes you in … it is gentle, humorous and quite different to todays wham-bam TV; the story-telling is compelling and simple but you want to know what is going to happen next. It was quite brave children’s television … the King, who you imagine might be one of the main characters, dies in the first few moments of the first episode and we are then introduced to Noggin, the King’s son … it is his tale we are about to follow. In order to be king, Noggin has to marry within six weeks, or the crown will go to his wicked Uncle, Nogbad the Bad. The stage (screen) is set for the tale to unfold. I won’t tell you what happens as that will spoil the story, though … in the second series, King Noggin, oops! … travels to the Hot Water Valley to help the little people who live there with a Dragon problem.

It is the first two series of Noggin the Nog that our play centres on. There are silly Vikings, live music, puppets and live projection taken from the original films. It is a family show. Children love it and adults love it, together they love it even more … last week we performed at Theatre Royal Margate. In the afternoon we had a large audience of school children who shouted quite loudly at Nogbad the Bad, in the evening we had more of a family audience … who booed and shouted very nicely at Nogbad the Bad and cheered when Noggin was successful. Both shows seemed to be enjoyed by all … perfect.

Nogs Chatting Margate

This is us chatting to the audience after the show at Theatre Royal Margate!

Anyway … if you are still here … why? Why aren’t you clicking on the link!

Thanks for getting this far.

I will attempt to update the blog regularly over the next five or six weeks … almost like an Edinburgh Festival Diary. We’ll see how I get on!

Kickstart-ering Our Way to Edinburgh!

You can help Noggin the Nog by clicking here!

 If you click on the link above it will take you to our Kickstarter Campaign page.

It’s always good to get the “ask” in early, I say. We have calculated that it is going to cost in excess of £16,000 to take Noggin up to the Edinburgh Festival. We have raised £12,000. We have a shortfall of £4,000. If you can help; anything from £1 to … well … £4,000 would be incredible. It will enable us to take Noggin to Edinburgh and beyond.

The Edinburgh Festival is the biggest shop-window in the world for performance. The Sagas of Noggin the Nog has to be there: we have to show our work to Promoters, the Press and New Audiences in order to spread the word!

The Ice Dragon Cometh

The Ice Dragon Cometh

Silly Vikings, Live Music, Puppets and Video Projections taken from the original 1959 film, The Sagas of Noggin the Nog is a feast for the eyes, ears … and occasionally the nose (sorry about that).

“Clever, witty and entrancing … unquestionably a hit”.

As we toured the show last year we were pleasantly surprised by the audience reaction. We knew the show was good but we were not expecting the sheer volume of “brilliants”, “amazings” and “wonderfuls” that we received from the audience and indeed the press.

“Utterly brilliant show – couldn’t praise it highly enough, so thank you very, very much!”

“That was brilliant. I wish all my friends could see it.”

We know that this “delightful, gentle and inventive show” has to be seen by more people. It is a play that crosses the generation boundary. We performed to 4 and 94 years olds. Children who had never heard of Noggin the Nog were spellbound and from e mails that we have received from many parents, their offspring are creating their own Noggin adventures at home and in school. We have also received lots of enquiries about the Noggin books and DVDs. If you look up and to the right you’ll see a link to The Dragon’s Friendly Society … click on that and you’ll find all kinds of goodies you can buy; including books and DVDs.

170px-Wfm_lewis_chessmen Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate created The Sagas of Noggin the Nog back in the late fifties. Peter, the        artist, saw the Lewis Chess Pieces at the British Museum and they became the inspiration for the stories.

The stories were told at a slower and less frenetic pace than most TV is now. Initially this worried us a little: what if the modern audience gets bored at the gentler style of storytelling?

“What a spellbinding and magical show we enjoyed at Ilfracombe today! A truly lovely experience!”

“Today we went to see Noggin the Nog at Lighthouse in Poole. It was absolutely brilliant and very funny… if the tour is coming to a theatre near you then you should see it!”

“Just as another chorus of “when will it start” is about to begin – BOOM! Two little spines stiffen and heads whiz around to face front, craning to see. A drummer steps from behind the deceptively simple, but effective and versatile, set. My two little boys are transfixed and remain so for the duration of the performance.”

We needn’t have worried. It seems that the style and the pace of the production is just right even for modern audiences who are used to seeing TV and Films that hurtle and rush and cut from one scene to another with increasing rapidity.

“In the Lands of the North where the black rocks stand guards against the cold sea, in the dark night that is very long, the Men of the Northlands sit by their great log fires; and they tell a tale …”

So, if you are in Edinburgh for this years festival, do come and see us and say hello and if not … watch out for a new tour coming to a venue near you, next year.

Edinburgh Here We Come!

Queen G and Ignora

The Theatre Royal Margate Performances!

On Friday 11th July we performed our new Edinburgh version of Noggin at the Theatre Royal Margate. In fact, we performed it twice: once for three hundred children in the afternoon and once to the general public in the evening! I am pleased and excited to tell you … it works and people love it! Phew!

The aim of the exercise was to cut the length of the show to fit in with the Edinburgh Festival schedule and we have achieved that with brass knobs on. Here are a few comments from the audience that appeared in Tweets, Facebook and good old talking:

“Brilliant” …

“Thanks so much for the show last week. It’s brilliant – hope you know that. Can’t wait to see those starred reviews rolling in.”

“Beautiful, charming, witty and exciting; thank you.”

Nogs Chatting Margate

At the end of the performances we sat and chatted to the audience; to ask if they enjoyed it, could we improve it, what bits didn’t they like and what bits they did … fortunately there were no “it was awful” quotes … in fact all that spoke seemed to have a good time and they wished us luck for its future!

So, what is the future for The Sagas of Noggin the Nog? Well, first of all we have to get the play to Edinburgh; the Edinburgh Festival is the biggest shop window for performance in the world. And then we have to make sure that bookers, venue directors, producers and the like see the show. And then, next year, we will tour the play to venues in the UK and hopefully, abroad!

In order to do all of that we have saved up our pennies for a long time but … and it is a big but … we are still quite a few pennies short of the carefully calculated budget. This is where you come in. If we ask you really nicely would you click on the “Support Us” link in the Blogroll, up a bit and to the right. This link will take you to our Kickstarter page where you can pledge any amount small or larger to enable us to take the play further. We know that money is really tight but if you have a bit of spare change we would be most appreciative.

And see you next year at a venue near you!