A Change of Nog Togs!

The sun is getting higher in the sky and warmer to boot. Noggin, Nooka, ThorNogson and Graculus the Great Green Bird have popped on their swimming togs and are having a lazy time … sitting in the azure waters of The Hot Water Valley.

1205809 Noggin and Nooka are getting all lovey-dovey and Graculus the Great Green bird is fluttering about meeting up with his Great Green bird family and ThorNogson is doing battle with his knitted woollen swimming trunks. They are all having a lovely time.

Meanwhile … back in the real world, Third Party and Mischievous Theatre are working on a number of new projects and so are having a bit of a break from The Sagas of Noggin the Nog … but they will be back … we don’t know when … we don’t know where … but we will be back!

So please, check in here from time to time to keep abreast of all that is Noggin the Nog!

In the meantime …. follow the link below to see a promo video of the show from the very early days; it has changed, we think for the better, since this was filmed but the atmosphere is the same. Enjoy!

A little Noggin Promo …