Edinburgh Diary Number 3

Umbrella 1

I think this sort of sums up this week so far.

It has been a typically glorious few days here in Edinburgh. The sun has shone. The rain has rained. The wind has blown. Four seasons in one day. And much fun has been had by the Noggin the Nog team. I have seen a number of great pieces of theatre and I’ve seen a couple of dogs … but bizarrely the dogs received 5* … I swear I don’t understand the star system. In my mind, 5* should be reserved for the very best; something that is well-crafted, brilliantly performed, cleverly written, etc … the two dogs were none of these things … ho hum! I don’t want to appear grumpy because I am actually having a fab time … though it is hard work.

Jolly man carries Flyers

Look … here is a jolly man delivering Noggin the Nog flyers. We have thousands of them and have been out most days (dodging into cafes when the rain rains) handing fliers to jolly people, people who remain cool even though they really want a flyer, people who are down-right rude and some who pretend you are not there … they are the funniest! We have flyered in the morning in the George Square gardens … we have flyered in the afternoon … along the Royal Mile, around the other venues, we have exit-flyered … flyering people as they come out of a show that has a similar demographic to us and … flyered in the evening … in the streets, in the gardens, at the venues and in my lady’s chamber (actually we haven’t done the last one).

Royal Rainy Mile 2

This was the scene this afternoon on the Royal Mile … lots of people being jolly in the rain!

Yesterday we had a lovely performance with a really great audience (and, thankfully, quite a lot of them) including Alix and Mal and Frances and Herbie … friends of mine who are brilliant at supporting everyone … so thank you so much you four.

Today’s show, Black Wednesday, was much quieter, though a really lovely audience … I enjoyed the show very much, which is a part of the point of doing what I do.

So, I hear you say, of the shows that you have seen so far … what is the high point?

Well, I answer, for me, “Title and Deed” by Will Eno has been the high-point. A beautiful, intelligent, beguiling one man performance … just a man talking to us … mesmerising. It was, I suppose, philosophical and thought-provoking and witty and … if you get the chance to see him … do! I sat next to Lynne Gardener from the Guardian and in front of Mark Lawson … I mentioned Noggin quite a few times but I’m not sure the bait was taken.

Anyway, tonight we are going to a meet the Assembly team … we’ve met most of them but this is a bit less formal and a bit more … well … we might have a drink together. So, I had better go and put my slap on and brush my flowing locks.

Come back soon!


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