Edinburgh Here We Come!

Queen G and Ignora

The Theatre Royal Margate Performances!

On Friday 11th July we performed our new Edinburgh version of Noggin at the Theatre Royal Margate. In fact, we performed it twice: once for three hundred children in the afternoon and once to the general public in the evening! I am pleased and excited to tell you … it works and people love it! Phew!

The aim of the exercise was to cut the length of the show to fit in with the Edinburgh Festival schedule and we have achieved that with brass knobs on. Here are a few comments from the audience that appeared in Tweets, Facebook and good old talking:

“Brilliant” …

“Thanks so much for the show last week. It’s brilliant – hope you know that. Can’t wait to see those starred reviews rolling in.”

“Beautiful, charming, witty and exciting; thank you.”

Nogs Chatting Margate

At the end of the performances we sat and chatted to the audience; to ask if they enjoyed it, could we improve it, what bits didn’t they like and what bits they did … fortunately there were no “it was awful” quotes … in fact all that spoke seemed to have a good time and they wished us luck for its future!

So, what is the future for The Sagas of Noggin the Nog? Well, first of all we have to get the play to Edinburgh; the Edinburgh Festival is the biggest shop window for performance in the world. And then we have to make sure that bookers, venue directors, producers and the like see the show. And then, next year, we will tour the play to venues in the UK and hopefully, abroad!

In order to do all of that we have saved up our pennies for a long time but … and it is a big but … we are still quite a few pennies short of the carefully calculated budget. This is where you come in. If we ask you really nicely would you click on the “Support Us” link in the Blogroll, up a bit and to the right. This link will take you to our Kickstarter page where you can pledge any amount small or larger to enable us to take the play further. We know that money is really tight but if you have a bit of spare change we would be most appreciative.

And see you next year at a venue near you!


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