Noggin, Edinburgh and a Soaking Barrel …

We are well into the second week of rehearsal now and fun has been had by all (and a lot of hard work, obviously). We’re almost ready! Honest! Just a few bits and pieces left to do, that’s all. We’ve cut almost twenty-five minutes from the show and brought the second half of the play more in line with the first half and it feels really great. We’re very excited about it. The proof, of course, is in the “performing it in front of nearly three hundred children on Friday”.

ThorNogson and Noggin

ThorNogson and Noggin

Just a few of the things we’ve done …

Apart from rewriting sections of the play, re-assigning some of the lines (which makes them quite tricky to remember, I can tell you), changing the emphasis of some of the sections and generally rehearsing the whole lot, there were quite a lot of other jobs to be done. Some more surprising than others.

For instance: poor old King Knut had a leg problem; in fact, two leg problems … they dropped off. A similar plight afflicted the Brave and Mighty ThorNogson. They have now been re-legged, phew!

Tony has spent many “happy” hours re-editing and re-aligning all of the video projections … gosh, he enjoyed that!

Max spent a good hour or so polishing his helmet … well, all of the helmets, actually, with wet and dry … and a shield.

Nick clickety-clacked away on the laptop putting all the re-writes into a new document so that we could all sing off the same hymn sheet.

I’ve repaired Ronf’s sword and both of his arms … much glue, gaffer tape and a few choice words. And this evening Tony and I enjoyed remaking and repainting a major part of the set.

And, possibly most surprising …

… two men dangle a barrel in the sea. Barrels dry out unless they have fluid inside them and this one has neither a top nor a bottom … it is very dry. It fell apart. We came up with this idea! Why not soak it in the sea! It worked, though it is very sandy and we did amuse a a couple of fishermen. All in a days work!




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