Noggin Rides Again … Again!

 A tired and lonely Graculus flies across an empty stage looking for somewhere to alight and rest and maybe even meet friends to share a story with … to no avail. The theatre is empty and dark; everyone has gone. The audience hasn’t sat in this theatre for almost a year. It is sad, quiet and empty. The only sound that can be heard, apart from the rustle of Graculus’ feathers, is the wind blowing through an ajar window, the occasional drip, drip, drip of water in the pipes and the gentle footsteps of the theatre ghost (they all have one) as it walks across the dusty floor of the dark and echoey auditorium. The box office is closed, the lights are off and dust has settled on the ancient ticket machine. The leather swivel chair stands alone and forlorn with two faint impressions of the last person to sit upon its hand-knitted cushion. The ice-cream tray lays on the ground … forgotten. On the floor, a programme, open at the middle pages, flutters in the gentle breeze that creeps under the locked and bolted front door. It is a sad and lonely sight.

But …

… watch this space, for soon those lovely chaps from Third Party will arrive, from a distant part of the world, in their wonderful Nogbulance. They will, as if by magic, sweep away the dust, turn on the lights, fill the ice cream tray and recreate the Sagas of Noggin the Nog before your very eyes. They will bring laughter, happiness and a big drum to this sad and dismal scene. There will be tales of Dragons and a little man from the Hot Water Valley, there will be a ukelele, there will be much singing and merriment, there will be fear as the worrisome Nogbad the Bad tries to cheat Noggin the Nog from his rightful inheritance. There will be a great storm and a little boat … there will of course be scones and jam and pots of tea. You will meet Noggin the Nog, “the crows”, Grunehilde the Lazy One, Thornogson, Ignora the maid, Graculus the great green bird and, in the safe and entertaining hands of the Nogs, you will be transported to the wonderful world of … Noggin the Nog!

Those lovely chaps at Third Party are touring The Saga of Noggin the Nog once again!

The ticker-tape machine is whirring away in the corner and spewing out masses of information, including times, dates and venues so … watch this space for news of The Saga of Noggin the Nog.

The Eyes Have It ... the Eyes Dragon.

The Eyes Have It … the Eyes Dragon.