On the road … number 1.

The Hawth has been Nogged!

The Lighthouse has been Nogged!

Norden Farm has been Nogged!

Norden Farm 1 Tony Lighthouse1 Lighthouse Stage 1

Just returned from the morning show at The LightHouse, Poole. Utterly brilliant show – couldn’t praise it highly enough, so thank you very, very much! My husband has been a long time fan of Noggin The Nog and some years ago we purchased the entire set of Sagas on video from the lovely Loaf at Dragon’s Friendly Society, so seeing this was a ‘must’, and we weren’t disappointed. From Beverly Evans, Lighthouse, Poole

Noggin the Nog at Lighthouse Poole today – tommy aged 9 gives it 10/10! Delightful gentle and inventive show and not just for children so if you grew up with Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin it’s a must. From Stephanie Jalland, Lighthouse, Poole

Hi, Nogs, Thank you for the show. I liked when the when Noggin the Nog drummed the drum, Jodie (7#

Hi, Noggin the Nog, I liked when Noggin the Nog and Thor Nogson climbed onto the dragon. It was very funny. I am 5.

Hi, I am their mum and we had such a nice time that the children are making their own performance of Noggin the Nog for when their Dad gets in. Home Education is great for this sort of thing. Thank you, that was their first trip to the theatre and they are looking forward to seeing something else. Just brilliant. Gina From Gina Baldock Lighthouse, Poole

If you stroll across to the “Where and When” page on this blog you will be able to see that we have been touring “The Saga of Noggin the Nog” for a few days now … we started at The New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich and we are currently in the van on the way to Telford (so it must be Wednesday). It is ridiculously cold; I know this because we have just stopped for a comfort break (or a wee, as we used to call it) and during the short walk between the van and the most expensive (and yet somehow still, unbelievably, below average) cup of coffee known to man, my teeth chattered so hard I was in danger of rattling my NHS fillings into dust.

So, how is it going? Well, to be honest it is going better than we could have hoped for … audiences are very excited about the show; they love it. It is going down a storm, as can be seen from the unsolicited comments from audience members above. It is a good show; it is funny, it is great storytelling, its exciting and, as Jane Corry, Director of Norden Farm, said after the performance, “it is a visual feast”. We always work very hard on maintaining high production values.

It seems to be a surprise to many venues just how good the show is and how much audiences are enjoying it, and that in itself is quite exciting but it also gives us a problem; how do we let audiences and venues know just how good it is! We’ve talked about putting a short section of the show on You Tube or Vimeo but a video just doesn’t capture the relationship that we build with the audience, which is very much a part of the beauty of the show; it is this relationship that we have with audiences that draws them in, allows them to relax and to be very much a part of the event. Also, and let’s be honest here, we have all seen some fabulous videos of productions where, unfortunately, the video is better than the show … often a lot of style over content. A good video does not a good theatre performance make.

Snogging the Snog: Noggin and Nooka of the Nooks.

Snogging the Snog: Noggin and Nooka of the Nooks.

The beauty of “The Saga of Noggin the Nog” is that it is a good , well made show whether you are familiar with Noggin the Nog or not. For some “old-timers”, there is a nostalgic extra to the show but for others who have never seen or even heard of Noggin, it is still a fabulous hour and ten minutes. Our audiences have comprised hardened older Noggin fans with their grandchildren (and sometimes without their grandchildren), young families who have read the books or seen the DVDs and some who have never heard of Noggin the Nog … and they all seem to enjoy the show with the same fervour.

Grunehilde the Lazy One and her maid, Ignora.

Grunehilde the Lazy One and her maid, Ignora.

I am at the moment sitting in the dressing room at the Oakengate Theatre in Telford and, on   stage, people dressed all in black are running up and down ladders,  shouting indecipherable techie things at each other and generally being “jolly good eggs”. The show will look fabulous in here.

So, if you haven’t been Nogged yet … have a look at the touring schedule and find a venue near you. We will be touring again, later in the year, so if you can’t find a convenient venue … keep watching this space.


Noggin the Nog


One comment on “On the road … number 1.

  1. Nancy says:

    Just saw you at the Edinburgh Festival. You were great. Many thanks.

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